Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 Days

- My in-laws came in last nite, the house is starting to fill up, with LIKKA. We have all these boxes of beer, all these boxes of wine, all these boxes of hard shit. It's an amazing little thing to look at. You just come in and there's boxes of some sort of alcohol somewhere. I have all these bottles of Maker's that I will be taking a picture with pronto good folks. So be on the look out for that.

- The wheels have started turning really fast now, things are getting done, plans are being made and folks will be touching down so soon. I'm like taken aback by how quickly all of this has happened, and how soon I'll be a married guy. I love it.

- Grilling tonight, so if you're bored come through, i'm doing the Ginger lime marinade again. It's gonna be fire on the grill.

- Stimulus?

- HOT den a bitch outside people, be safe out there.

It's going down soon my folks


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