Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chronicals of Dognia: #2.

So my life with Hugo is now starting to take shape. I don't like dogs, and Hugo makes me want to throw him out the window somedays. Seriously, i want to throw his little ass out the window and let him land where he may. But that's not what's gonna happen. Truth be told Hugo is by far one of the best puppies I've ever seen. If I liked dogs, this would be great, but since I don't and generally get a little salty everytime I walk into my aparment it still sux for me.

This weekend was a big one for us. I was being me (not talking, and generally being a quiet storm) which isn't always fair to the other person, but honestly if I let out what's inside of me I don't think i've have a return address right now, so to that aspect I made the right choice. Anyone who's ever dated me, or has been around me when i'm not happy will attest to how bad it can be when I'm obviously upset but don't want to let it out. So imagine about 10x worse and that's what was in my head this weekend. (If you co-sign this I may de-friend you, you've been warned)

This dog has definitely had an impact on a lot of things. I think even I underestimated how angry and upset I would be. But things have gotten better, believe it or not. I take him out, I'm not cutesy with him though, there's not much praise from me. It's basically take shit outside the apartment "Good Dog" start to piss in the apartment "bad dog!" not a good look. He'll learn and at somepoint he'll be bearable and I won't have to follow his little hardheaded behind everywhere he goes.

So I guess I'm in such a good mood about things, because I'M NOT THERE!!!!!!! I'm in Anaheim for the week, so i'm enjoyin walking around without the smell of dog, or having to take anyone out, or plan my day around that little bastard it's great!!

We'll see how it goes when I get back in the area and we have another installment.


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