Friday, June 23, 2006

Chronicles of Dognia

Installation #1.

So the pooch is here and quite frankly it's not a bad dog. Honestly I was a dog person I'd be really happy with the puppy we have. Being as that I'm not a dog person it don't matter the muthafucka could cook me breakfast and pay off my credit card debt, it's still a dog. Anyway while I'm awake the dog is fine. whilst in a state of slumber(or supposed slumber that is) we have a completely dynamic goin on. Peep game and let me put you on. I come home from seeing Primo it's late and I'm soaking wet with sweat and smelling of smoke so all I want to do is shower and go to sleep. As I come into the kitchen low and behold the cage isn't in it's spot. Well I'm thinking where could the cage be? Surely it couldn't have magically disappeared? Nope not in the living room area, hmm well I know it's not in our room because we talked about that, and I know it's not in there. Nope not in the spare bedroom, hmm I know she didn't put it in her closet? Naw not in there, as I walk into the bedroom I see it. Yep the cage is sitting nicely against the wall midway through the room.

At this point I'm instantly ignited. Instantly, but I'm keeping it cool. The lady wakes and asks me how it was. I tell her good and go about my business of getting ready for bed. Stripping off the wet clothes separating them and putting them in the other room, you know stuff like that.

I finally manage to get into bed around 3. This is when my inner self took over and the awake putting on a good face for the sake of the relationship Dae went away. I tried to sleep, I mean I really tried to sleep. Nope I didn't finally get to close my eyes until sometime around 4. Oh but I was back up again at 5:35AM, 6:15AM, 6:53AM, 7:22AM and my alarm went off at 7:25AM Obviously I didn't get up when it went off. So I'm here at work on about 2.7 hours of sleep and I was so angry this morning when I left I started to tear. There was nothing I could do to release the frustration. I wanted to scream, kick, or hurt something. All of those expressions of emotion would've been ill-placed and wrong, so i just held it to myself.

Fact of the matter is that I'm not that comfortable around dogs. Like I said when I'm awake I'm good, I can control it. When I'm trying to sleep and all my defenses are down, I'm not ok. So me sleeping in the sameroom with the dog "just for a couple of MONTHS" may not fly with me. I might have to go sleep in the other room. I can't spend nites up and down like last nite. I don't have a child and until I get one, I refuse to do that to myself.

If you're saying "oh you'll get over it" you can kiss my ass. I have a RIGHT to feel comfortable in the place where I pay rent. So please kiss my ass, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

Well we'll see where it goes from here. Hugo is here and we'll see how long before I loose either my sanity.

Ya'll really should pray for me.


At 9:25 AM , Blogger Sha said...

damn yo i'm sorry
i didnt know it was this bad


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