Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chronicles of Dognia #7

Sorry i haven't updated in a while. Things have sort of just taken a little bit of a lull. Well that was until recently right. Ok so last Monday I went to Obedience class with the lady and the stankin ass pooch. OK so yeah he's a punkass and needs LOTS of help with learning to be good. So finally we realize that he needs a prong collar. So everytime he fucks up or doesn't listen *ping* right into the neck. He wants to run away *ping* right in the neck. As most of you know this will most likely become pretty funny to me as I don't like the fact that he lives in our apartment anyway.

So this week hasn't been that bad, I've been doing the training when I'm home and trying to make sure I don't hurt his little ass. So last nite I'm taking him out because he is sitting at the door like he needs to go, so I take him out. After his shitting I'm taking him over to the trashcan to throw the shit away right. Well this little fucker tries to take off. He just runs and bounds off the curb ending in his going into the air and coming to the end of the leash so crashing back towards the earth. He jumps onto the grass and does the samething into the grass. Now he's all tangled up in the leash and attempting to bite through it. So i grab him and go to move the leash, he goes wild and wriggles his way out of the leash and takes off!

So there I stand in the grass with leash in hand and little black flash jetting across the property. I see him run so fast he trips and falls. Now in the back of my mind i'm thinking "great you little fucker that's what you get" but i calmly walk after him because I'm not about in anyway going to play the run after and have him run away game. That's not in the cards for this evening kids. He runs away as I approach. He takes off towards the back of the property. I'm still walking, and not caring if he gets hit by a car at this point. He settles by a window that looks like ours, but is not. So I get the collar on him and we walk inside.

I'm livid at this point, but trying not to kick him with all that I have in me. Apparently somewhere in his bounding, leaping and running he skinned himself. To the point where he took fur off!! I smiled a little inside.

Wow I hate his little ass. This is her fault!!