Monday, November 05, 2007

HS Reunions Suck, interwebs

So yeah this is one of the few pictures I took from my reunion. I saw some of the people I've seen before and people I genuinely care about, but fuck that dude,the Reunion was for seeing bammas you don't care about, and don't see hardly ever. Who got kids, who used to be fat and is now poppin wheelies on kats. That's what I wanted to see, sorry that shit ain't work out.

Nextly I'd like to throw some web talk about about how we interact here on these interwebs. #1 Anonymity. Whilst on these here interwebs you can basically type anything you want without fear of being punched in you face. Muthafuckas is out here stuntin callin ya momma a hoe, ya daddy sucks dick, and your sister fists for fun at bars. Sheeeeit we ain't even gonna start with your grandma we know she likes to take them dentures out. Really though, I just find it strange that bammas find it so easy to be false representation of their real life selves. I'm saying for real would you ever tell someone to eat a dick in public that you don't know like that (especially if they're bigger and probably way more fit than you are) of course you wouldn't because you know your punkass would get pummeled. I like titties by the way. So yeah as I've been floating from site to site I've noticed a rather alarming trend. The amount of people who spew racist rhetoric and use a youtube clip, or a random news clip to justify their racist feelings. These are the guys at the end of the bar who will damn near jump out of your way when you walk by. The guys that will call you "bro" at the basketball court, your Boss, the dude that delivers your mail, the dude that could be fuckin your wife, the really nice guy who talks to you about the Redskins and how dreadful they are. Yeah give that fucker a log-in and you'd think he's in the midst of recruiting for the 3rd Reich jacking off at night to pictures of hitler and throwin the seik heil to his wife before they lay their heads to rest.

#2. Imagination, if there is a thought in your head, it's on the interwebs. Someone has thought of it, taped it and placed it on the webs with some ole other bullshit. So don't think your shit is new it ain't and it ain't fly.

#3. Despite what I may tell you, OKP is hilarious. It's one of the best ways to pass time during the day when we're all supposed to working. I always love it.

#4. Bammas will tell WAY 2 much online, and everyother bamma on here will straight up do the Gumbel to Gumbel on you (Umhmm ummhmm ummhmm ummhmm) let you tell is the combination to your personal accounts, the secret to how you Lasciviously lace the inverted wish bone, basically anything ya'll fools is willing to tell us, then damnit we'll listen.

Lastfully you can really waste an entire day on this bitch. Think about it, you just wasted like 7 minutes reading this jount and laughin at my metaphor for Cunnilingus.

The Redskins suck, I love titties, and working out saves lives (ok well maybe just your own, but isn't that important enough)