Monday, April 20, 2009

I see ya'll

Before anyone asks why i chose to write this, just know it was not written out of anger. It was not written because of a particular incident, it was however written after I sat down with myself and decided that there is no way in the world everyone that I know could possibly be THAT supportive.

I am a black man, my wife is a white woman. We both have similar educations and have similar values. We both have careers. We recently bought a house. Throughout the years there have been a lot of folks who have shown us love. I mean true and unconditional love. There have been tons of folks who treat us well and smile in front of us, and invite us into their homes, break bread with us, and even share alcoholic beverages with us. Some of these people I believe they are genuine in their actions and feelings.

Then there's others out there, that I can tell, there's not a specific thing that they do. In their actions and over time you see that these folks aren't as happy for us as they claim to be. Instead of looking at us as another happy newly married couple they look at us as an abberation and are sort of waiting for the other foot to drop. They come hang, out, but in their minds I can see it, they don't see our relationship as real.

Some folks look at both of us seperately and are shocked at the fact that together we work. As a team we work. That we genuinely love and cherish each other. I've had people acted sincerly shocked that my wife was white. "No way, you're way to black for that, you're not even corny!!" that sort of shit blows me away.

I'm not gonna get into some huge sociologic thing, but just know I see ya'll.

Its not all love and I know. So don't come to me and be fake happy for me when in reality you have a problem with my union and prolly want my wife to yourself.

I see ya'll.