Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sometimes we do good, sometimes we adapt!

Yeah so last nite the lady and I decided we'd attempt to make Swedish meatballs. Now for anyone who knows what real Swedish meatballs look like, they wouldn't normally look like what I just showed you. Also, the recipe calls for Nutmeg and allspice. Well we looked into the cabinet and we ain't have that shit. So being the geniuses that we believe that we are, Aly and I decided since Pumpkin spice has both of those things in it why shouldn't we use that? For all those who like their meats to taste like Pumpkin then this one's for you!! We went through all the directions and everything was cool, it was smelling good, but a little sweet for a quick second we thought someone was baking next door. We continued on, and took it all the way to the edge. So after some doctoring and adding spices the jount was actually pretty good, but for those that do not like sweet meat, this is not the meal for you homie.

It was a great meal while watching Flavor of love though. Can we just talk about the trainwreck that is Flavor of Love for a sec. I might have done this before, but damn I mean come on. You've got an older Hiphop Icon (46 years old) straight acting an ass with 20 (by all societal standards) attractive women who are all considerably younger and who i doubt have even listened to Public Enemy at any point in their lives. I doubt 85% of them have ever owned an album let alone honestly fine Flav an attractive dude. Maybe his Auora or something is just like real inviting, and his personality is infectious. I mean you have women literally fighting over this kat. Plus my man has a Man-servant!!! The entire premise just amazes me, and I h8 myself more everyday for not just watching, but loving it! In other Flav news Hoopz may be one of the finest women I've ever seen. My lady notwithstanding of course, but good lord!! She is trynna lock the entire game down. But when New York almost beat Pumkin's ass this past week, I loved it. She deserved every bit of that shit you DO NOT spit in someone's face ever, that shit is not ok. So yeah that shit is pretty great though, check it out if you get a chance.

The picture is of me and Seth talking bout that Killa!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sometimes I cook food

Chicken Parm/Mozz

Fried Chicken bitches, I bet you can smell the goodness can't you?!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good times with good People

This past weekend my homegirl Charisse came down from Boston. She is pictured with the kid at Left. She is one of my closest peoples in the world. She has amazing energy that is quite frankly infectious. You hang out with her and you love her, that's just how it goes. Ask anyone who spent any amount of time with her this weekend. I mean we did a lot of stuff this weekend though. I mean we went from clubbing to drinking to play fighting the entire weekend. I'm not sure who said it first, but whomever it was that said "friends are family that you choose" was 100% correct. I had to take a step back at somepoint this weekend and truly look at the people who play large rolls in my life. I took stock and had to be thankful that I have so many great friends, not just people who come and go, but real friends. People who have been there through good and bad, seen me at my best and at my worst. They have watched me grow, they have watched me make great decisions and also make horrible ones. Through it all they have never judged me, helped me get up when I've fallen and stayed right there with me. I love them dearly and I feel honored to be thought of so highly by so many people. Show ya people some love for real.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day people

It's here, treat them right. Fellas, just go head and suck it up. This is their day, it's alright, just suck it up, take that L. When it's your day, they can't front on you!

Also I'd like to send a R.I.P. out to Dilla. To his family and the Hip Hop community as a whole, we've lost one of our great producers. His music isn't and won't be fully appreciated for years to come by many. For those of us who do love and respect his work we'll miss it. Take care and we enjoyed the ride homie.

Monday, February 13, 2006

It's coming near people,seriously it's 2morrow

<------------- That's what I got my Lady last year, plus some dinner and the Roses were a nice touch. I'm talking about the bear jerky, not the damn bottle of lotion. I did things right, I would say now this year we're scaling back a taste. It's not that I love her any less, it's just that we've done it once so now we can show each other that we love eachother and it doesn't have to be measured in paper spent. I am very happy with my situation, so I suggest if ya'll is happy then show ya love and make sure that person that lays next to you knows how you feel and that you appreciate them being in your life and all that great stuff.

Ok now on to some other stuff, Last nite had some great television. When we got home it was already on, but the Inside the Actors studio had Dave Chappelle on there. I have a much greater respect for Dave as a person and as an Artist. He genuinely enjoys comedy, he enjoys the act of comedy, he enjoys the energy he gets from crowds, but the downside to being good at that is he doesn't like the celebrity that he has attained. Strange but I'm guessing being a regular guy from a regular background to becoming the funniest guy in America is tough to live up to. I can't even imagine what it'd be like to be THE 50MILLION DOLLAR MAN! That amount of money is staggering. Especially if that's not what you got into the business to do in the 1st place. He might a great point last nite when he said "the worst thing you can call someone is crazy; it's dismissive. I don't understand this person they must be crazy" that right there is some chuuuch.

After the good times had by watching James Lipton yuck it up with Dave We switched on over to our favorite Sunday nite addiction. Grey's Anatomy which following the Code black episode promised to be equally as explosive. Came to find out I was more right then a little bit and someone went vanishing into the pink mist. Pretty great looking explosion I might add. All in all it was a good ass episode, and I hope it stays true to itself for a long time.

Lastly before goin to the fitful night of tossing and turning and adjusting and waking up the lady that some would call sleep, I watched the Boondocks. It was the episode "let's nab Oprah" shit was great. The best part was that it had my man Sam "Snakes on a Plane" Jackson, and Charlie "Wrong, Wrong" Murphy. Shit was type classic, if you're of similar humor I suggest you get on it. Then again I guess if we're of similar humor you are already put on and I don't need to put you on.

Comment bitches

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Independence; it's what all wars are fought over, whether that's freedom to exercise your own religion, whether it's the independence from an oppressive body of government. As children all we want is independence we fight with our parents over it, we get jobs to move us closer to it, we make statements as a claim to just how independent we've become. As we age and grow older one of the biggest things we fear is lack of independence. As Senior citizens, they may not be able to drive fast like they used to do, but hey they're getting around. We fight for any bit of independence we can get, in our workplaces we want our own space. We don't want to share an office, or be in a cubicle we want our own Independent spaces. We do a lot in the name of independence. Here's the thing though, once we find someone who doesn't see eye to eye with independence we label them as wong. When we find someone who is completely satisfied with living a life independent of the things we deem to be important and highly valuable they are now "crazy" or "a little off" Why don't we want other people to enjoy the same independence that we do. I'm not really goin anywhere with this, i just thought I'd bring it up.

Lost is on this evening, so ya'll should be hyped for that. So tired my people, so tired. I think I'll stop trying and let myself fall asleep for a minute. Sleeping in the car is out because it's like 3 below brick outside.

That's my guy Blah!

Monday, February 06, 2006

When did this shit become hot?

When did these sorts of haircuts become "cute" or "hot" or "the new hot shit" I went to the RJD2 show on Saturday nite, and I just saw tons of kids with these hacked up domes! I was appalled. Now had they known their stuff they could've slid, but whenCopywrite came on and he started off with June which was produced by RJ (The person the crowd supposedly came to see) and no one knew what they were playing that's when I knew I was in trouble. Anyway my h8 is not directed towards the crowd persay it's much more towards the cracked out haircuts. These are not good looks people. Seriously, like the whole regular haircut, but then to have two fluffylumpkins things on the side of your head, it's really not a good look. I know all you NPR listening and Grado calling hipsters think that shit is the move, but really money it's not. I'm all for being different and running with whatever crowd tends to fall into your particular personal interests, but those damn Edward Scissorhands meets Stevie Wonder haircuts are not the hotness. What's worse is there are some very cute girls who just look all kinds of fucked up. It's like seeing one of those bad ass women from across the spot and as you approach the crowd splits, you lock eyes, you're thinking of all the things that you're about to say, knowing that your game is tight, and this one is bagged, and as you get almost close enough to get that first foolish comment out of your mouth you see her holding that cancer stick between her pointer and middle finger. Ques SW airlines voice **wanna get away**. Yeah that's how I feel about them.

Steelers won the superbowl, but the victory is a bit tainted by the horrible refs that took the field for the biggest game of the year!! They really tried to rob the Seahawks, honestly I don't even know how they got 10 points the way the refs were fuckin them. At least the bus is in the garage with a ring.

I'll be at a meeting all day 2morrow so I might be on the brink of insanity by like 10:30 so please someone holla at me 2morrow and make my life better. Look at how gangster I was out in College Park thuggin them chicks til they danced with me, then it was over for them!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

We got muthafuckin Snakes on a Plane!

What could be better than a Sam Jack movie with a title as great as Snakes On a Plane. Seriously this is the name of the movie, i'm not fuckin wit cha'll. Originally the company wanted to call it Flight 121 but Sam my guy said hell naw, that's part of the reason why i signed on to do this movie! So snakes on a plane it is, and what could be finer than this plot here. I mean really, if the title doesn't get you siced to go see this, then you're fuckin up! Now I'm one of the biggest Sam fans out, he's my #1 favorite actor, simply because he just a straight up nigga. He talk like he's your old pops that be goin through some shit. In every movie he basically plays the same kat just dressed differently with different hair. I'll vouch for everything he's ever done, except The Man. This here though, is gonna be a piece of cinematic genuis on the level of the aforementioned Baby Boy. Please believe that. If I could I would buy my ticket right now. Can't ya'll feel the excitement?

Ok so last nite I was over at my mom's crib and I came across some old pictures from when I was at the end of my College Career. It was a great thing to just come across. Simply because I looked back on things so fondly. It took me right back to the days of no responsibility and our biggest worries were which freshman chick was fittin to pay for our dinner. We had a great little system set up though. I wanna give a big bloody knuckle shout-out to Shannon and Devon. Those girls held us down erry Mon, Wed,& Fri. They were also decent ass girls too, not just your run of the mill foolish white chicks, they was cool. So anyway our pimpery was so stout back then. I went through the pictures i just saw so many pictures of me and my guys with different beautiful women. It was crazy, because there were so many of them that I hadn't thought about in years, but then I was like "damn she was fine!!". I mean if Dev and Shan, or my cousin Katina wasn't fitting to give me some food we'd just either have to hustle or maybe come off the dinning hall with the 5 finger jount. Well this was a quick trip down the lane of the time when our only plans for the evening were Tower Trips and N64 James Bond. Life was great then. Yo this goes out to Shan and Devon though, if ya'll ever read this "Mmmmmrrraaaahhh".

Good eve!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So yeah whilst the majority of the country was at the house watching the state of the Union I was at a Wizards game. I later watched some of it, and I got so enraged I had to turn it off and get in bed. Ok I have to pose this question to ya'll. Do our servicemen get a pass to act any way they damn well please simply because they are in the Armed Forces? I ask this because last nite during an encounted with my guy Matt, he basically gave this dude a pass for acting like an ass because he was in the Airforce. Now I have all the respect in the world for all those that choose to go into the military, they fight so i don't have to. They fight, so i can sit here in this comfy ass office and post blogs while I'm supposed to be working, so for that I am forever grateful. I love my life and they have a large in ensuring that I will continue to live this way. Here's my issue, so we supposed to give people passes simply because they do stuff that we admire and feel thankful for. I mean we for damnsure ain't thank Bill for being president we tried to impeach his muthafuckin ass for getting some neckwork in the oval office. We sure as shit didn't let that slide. I'm not saying Bill ain't lie, but he got some dome, that shit shouldn't have been on our agenda, we should've been thinking about bigger shit. Anyway whatever, I hope you Republicans are happy by the time we all grow up and all of our civil liberties have been quashed and there's no health care, or social security, or mail, or sunshine. Have fun fuckers, I'll be on Mars or something, trying to plant some shit so we can set their atmosphere up. You know leave this spot and start my own shit out there. I'm serious homie, i'm talking Red Planet bitches!!

So last nite at the aforementioned Wizards game, we're in the Acela club, which is rather nice if you have a lot of money. Since we don't that shit just hurt me like a bigbitch!!!! Anyway I was walking up to the buffet because I decided I'ma get my $35 worth in that jount. I look to the left and see that kat Michael Ealy . Cool dude, just hanging out. Anyway I say all this to bring your attention to the fact that honestly all I wanted for Dinner was some wings. I mean the wings they had at this spot where looking so scrumtrulescent. I just knew I was gonna have some. So when we try and get that order goin right, these bammas say because we sat in the expensive seats we couldn't get wings. I was like "what the fuck kinda stealin money type of shit is this" they tried to appease me by giving us a free round of likka. I wasn't having it, well I did and I drank it, but I didn't enjoy it. I wanted wings fuckers!!! They don't love themselves.

Til later fam.