Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More of them changes, HS reunions and life

So this past weekend I went to the Paint Branch High School 10 year reunion. So immediately I felt old and shit right. Just thinking about the fact that I've been out of high school for 1o years. Which to me also meant that I'd been out of college for 6 years. That shit is a wild ass feeling.

Anyway I didn't want to go to this shit anyway. Reasons being, i see most of the bammas I really want to see. They'll all be at my wedding. I could've been at the crib watching football or playing video games. Oh and the fact that that shit was $60 damn dollars. That's a fucking bill. Off the no bullshit, that's a bill!!!

Anyway i get up in that bitch, and it's just like I thought 40 people strong. Keep in mind we had a class of close to 400. So yeah the turnout was rather low. In my mind as I was approaching I thought, wouldn't it be funny to come in and see people relegate themselves to the exact same position they played in HS? Welp they did for a little while, but being as that there was only 40 people ya couldn't do that for 2 long.

All and all it just reaffirmed my thoughts that moving on is a good thing, and that High School was a long time ago and it's great to move on. I love my folk and I'm glad I got a chance to see some folks I'll never see again, but honestly I could've saved my $60.

Nextly, the whole tooth thing. I lost a tooth to a deadly french fry. Sounds funny I know, but that shit was not a laughin matter at all. Or at least not to me others find it really funny, until they see the huge hole in my face.

Here's the short story. In 2003 I had a root canal. I also had my wisdom teeth removed at the sametime, for those that remember I had to drive myself and then head on over to the CVS to get my prescription filled myself. It wasn't fun or sexy spitting blood out in the parking lot while I waited for them to give me a 20 pill bottle of Percocet. Anyway after the rootcanal there was a small hole in the tooth that was worked on. I figured ok, they put this medicine up there, and some stuff over it I'm finished right? Well 3 years later I was wrong mypeople. WRONG.

The tooth hadn't been capped all the way, and the tooth had been decaying slowly for 3 years. Yea not a good look, so when I bit down on the french fry from death there was a crack, and I felt something much harder than the warm softness of a Fry out of the grease at the crazy asian lady's spot in Gtown. It was infact what was left of my tooth. I looked at it, and realized that tooth was GONE. Soft on the inside where it's supposed to be hard. It was a hell of a way to end my last day at AIR. E thanks for laughin instead of being horribly turned off like I know you wanted to.

So the next day i went to the dentist's office, got a consult, scheduled the appt for 1st thing Monday morning to have it extracted. So now the whole tooth is gone. W're in a holding pattern for me to get the replacement. I really want to get this shit taken care of. I'm tired of smirking and being self conscious about it. Most of the time unless folks are looking directly at my teeth they wouldn't notice, but i notice all the time. It's amazing how vain we realize we are at times like these.

You always hear that "what's on the inside is what counts" and we all smile and nod. Becase in the end this makes us feel good about ourselves. In the back of our minds we're also so easy to believe in this because we feel like we look good enough so that saying doesn't necessarily apply to us. I am definitely one of those people. I now realize that part of my charm, or whatever you want to call it (The youngins and new to hiphop call it Swag {I hate that saying by the way}) was tied to my belief that besides from being this incredible person on the inside I was also attractive on the outside. To look in the mirror at the Jack-O'-Lantern staring back at me, that shit sort of shook me more than i knew.

So really make sure to get your shit checked like erry 8 months, fuck ayear, erry 8 months to keep your smile as beautiful and unexpensive as possible.

The next blog will be concentrated on Dae's thoughts on the way people interact on the interwebs.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My life has been thrown into complete and utter change as of recent. I feel like I haven't been able to find a center for about 2 months. I mean as far back as when I started those PD Impact meetings in August. Looking back on those meetings, they were pretty cool. I would've never seen Oklahoma City any other way. I would've never gotten a chance to ride around Connecticut and have some of the best pizza ever. On top of all that, I also got a chance to hang out in Madison, WI. Yeah it sounds crazy and ridiculous, but dude Madison was cool. The women were extremely plain, but it was a cool place. I imagine now that schools back in session it is really jumping off out there.

Then i skated on out to Rhode Island where I was offered and I accepted a new job. I'm still doing meeting planning just not for AIR. I felt like honestly I wasn't being paid enough, and I felt like AIR goes a long way to not make you feel as if you've done a good job. That place was really quick to tell you what you've done wrong, but not right. There are some fantastic people there, doing amazing work, but feel maligned for how much they make and the way they are treated. I can not and will not say anything negative about my time at AIR, because honestly without that time I wouldn't be where I am now. I wouldn't be who I am now. I genuinely appreciate the opportunities that my time there gave me. It's helped me get to this next step.

I have a new job now, i work as a Senior Meeting Planner for EDJ Associates. I'm 15 minutes from my crib, and enjoying the challenges that come along with this new position.

More changes are here, but i'll write about those later.