Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Somedays you're the windshield

Some days you're the bug!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No more kids

I'm pretty much done balling with youngins. Last night at my weekly basketball game there were some youngins who showed out of nowhere. Now before the games even started fools started breaking up the house rules and making it tough to even want to play. Then when the game actually starts and fools are just horrible and usual nice game that is great for exercise is now turned into something very different, with shit talking, rough play and all around frustration.

I just see a difference in the way folks approach the game. I noticed the games where there were no kids the good times had returned, laughin, smiling, jokin, and all around good time.

As a younger guy I always thought to myself that older guys just didn't like playing with younger guys because they sucked, but as I became one of those old fat guys I now realize it's because young kids bring things to the table that we're too old for. Animosity, frustration, and mean spirit have no place in a gym where you're just looking to get a little exercise. The kids generally don't know how to make that distinction. Ok so basically i've become a crotchity old man at an early age. I'm ok with that though.

Yo did you realize Ted Bundy killed like 35 women? Do you realize how hard you have to work to kill one person? This bamma killed 35 and wasn't caught until much later. Dude used all sorts of uniforms and props to get his way into a victims house and then he'd beat, rape, and drown them. Homie was seriously crazy. He posed as a Police Officer, or a fireman, or even a business man and ladies would be charmed to death (literally). Then there was this Bamma, they say this muthafucka killed like 200 hundred folks in his hotel. He used the World's fair as a way to lure folks to his hotel and then he offed them forever. That's some wild shit there.

Watch ya nuggets kids!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Life was so simple

Hey folks, welcome to a new lay-out same old Dae though. Yesterday i took a trip the Washington Nationals Brand Spanking new ball park creatively named Nationals Park. From the second you step out of the tro and onto half street you're expected to be blown away by this view of this steel and limestone structure that bares the hometown colors as well as the hometown pride of the Washington Nationals. The stadium for all purposes is really nice to look at. There's a videogame area and everything, then as we wandered around the looking at possible food options. We stumbled upon this place that looked decent, so we walk up and I see something that honestly made my heart flutter, I had to take a second to realize what I was looking at.

So as I get myself together I order, and what you might ask has already put me into this state of ecstacy before i even eat it? It was Cheeseburger, topped with Lettuce, Tomatoes, and LUMP Crab meat with old BAY!!!!!!!! Yes it was the best thing ever. I immediately called my bestfriend, gave him somethign to keep him awake at night and something to dream towards later on in life. The rest of the game was cold, the Nats won, but damn if that burger wasn't the highlight of my day (Sorry baby).

So one thing that I did notice at the game was that there was a high school senior trip going on. (I know this only because all levenhundred of them sat directly behind us, and 3 tall jokers sat next to me) anyway the point is this. I never got a senior trip of any type, and I wonder what it would've done for my ass getting quotient? Anyway I think it would've been great to go experience another city they way these 17 year old kids were. They came to Washington, DC saw a Nats game, i'm sure did a bunch of tourist stuff, but in the end probably get an experience that at that age I just won't get. Travel with your friends from hs, hotel rooms, bad pickup lines, and possibly even eating local foods that they would've never gotten a chance to eat. Shit they might've even learned something. I bet one kid left with a huge appreciation for old bay.

Oh my grill game is getting better, ya'll better get over here before the summer's over because I'm laying down some fantastic stuff, the kabobs last nite were on point. Next time I'm seasoning better and it's gonna be over with.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Say hey Wedding season is here bitches

Welp by now I think everyone knows that I'm getting married on June 13, 2008. Otherwise I don't think you'd be reading this piece of shit blog anyway. So yeah anyway my lady and I have been doing all the things that come along with our wedding and on top of that ALL of our friends have decided that getting married between last year and this year is the thing to do. On top of all that, they also want us to be in their weddings.

Now for some folks I find this to be a great honor, and others a big PAIN in the ass. I think my lady agrees wholepocketedly . You end up having to travel for some, some are local, some are fun, some are exercises in what not to do at your (I'm pointing at you fam) and others are just you going through the motions. Recently I realized that folks generally show you who they are through their weddings. Like if a person is laid back and just wants to enjoy themselves that's what you'll feel through the wedding. If a person is mismatched and their marriedtobe person doesn't always see eye to eye with them you'll feel like you're in two different weddings at once, or you'll only get the character of the bride (Let's face it, most of us don't get to put our stamp on anything). If people are stuck up and only value themselves you'll feel that in their wedding. Traditionally these will be the more extravagant and expensive weddings. You'll eat good, you'll probably have a good time, but in the end you'll feel like che'Bridey wouldn't have noticed if you were there or not.

Then you'll go to weddings for your people, your friends, folks that you genuinely care what happens to them. Those weddings are nice and go by real fast. My small little problem is that I always start judging the music instead of just enjoying the moment with folks. I'll promise to try harder in the future, or maybe ya'll could stop playing "Shot through the heart!!!!" I hate that shit and you will draw a look of pure disdain and disgust. I'll be drunk so I won't care until the following day. Oh and also do you homie, if you like something do it, but don't make excuses for it later. (My momma made me do that, my wife said I had to play that, my uncle in-law said he can only eat such and such) See all that plea copping, I don't want to hear it. Just do it and let that taco meat stand proud on ya chest.

Cry if you want, I might, I'ma try not to cry, but cry if you want.

Also I think that Titties are the single best creation by God. Like ok he made this beautiful creature called woman, and then he went and put that last little bit of something special on it and the titties was bornded. YAAAHHHH!!!!!

Some of my friends have grown into adults I don't always like, but I love them because they my people, my folk, my homies. They held me down during times when not many other folks would. So I love them for that.

Well folks i'ma get to work now, have fun