Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here's the new new, I might hit ya'll wit two

Aiight so check it, this has been a long time coming. My new thing is this. We call it the new engagement rule. If ya'll bammas want diamonds, then fuck it, I want a damn TV!!!!

That's right I said it, a television. If we have to shell out BIG dough for a nice ring (well if you're a decent guy anyway) then damnit I want a fresh 42" Flat screen to play my video games on. OK Ok yes we'll even watch movies on it too. But really it's all about that Halo 3 cuz.

Ok here's the science on it. I want a TV that costs like 1/3 the amount I paid for the ring. I think that shit will have everyone will be happy and we'll actually have something to show for that ring. Oh and to all you fanny heads cut that "you're getting a bride" shit out, they getting a husband in my case a damn good one. I cook bitches!!!

So go get my HD cable and call it a wrap!!!