Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thank you for all that you've done

I want to thank Coretta Scott King and other Civil Rights Hero's and Heroins for all that they have done in my life. They fought so I can be where I am today. I will never forget all that you have done. People like Rosa Parks, Fred Hampton, E.D. Nixon, Malcom Little, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), MLK. This list is by no means complete, nor is it in order of importance it's just some of the people that came to mind right quick. Whether you believed whole-heartedly in their methods you have to agree with the place that all of them have in our American History as well as their dreams and beliefs. I don't think any of us have fully recognized the immensity of what these people walking around meant. These were pieces of walking history, these were constant symbols of those who had been there, they helped shape, cut, stitch, and sew the fabric of America as we know it today. They're slowly passing on to their much deserved afterlives, we need to appreciate, we need to recognize all that they gave for us to sit comfortably here posting blogs. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or what have you, we all owe these people our respect. They were all true Americans.

Alito! Really? Really? So now they can just go ahead and reverse Roe. V. Wade., and just completely move the entire Supreme Court to the Right. The Democrats are redamdiculous.

Wizards 2nite, I'm excited for a quick game. Should be a good time. I'm trying to think of the last time I went to a Wizards game and them bammas actually won? I cant because the last 4 times I've been to MCI they've gotten stomped out. Let's hope they won't continue this trend.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I remember that night like it was last nite

So as Valentine's day approaches I have started to think back on old dates and women that I have hung out with. Then I thought back to one of my tride and true date rituals. As you all can see to the left I'm talking bout that Skeeball! I used to h8 to go on a date, go get on some skeeballs and then get fuckin dogged! I'm talking I used to walk in talking big shit. Head through the roof talking shit, then get to the skeeball jounts and fucked get run out the gym. Then I would be like fuck it "let's take it over to the basketball jount" that's when I would get my manhood back. See one date in particular though, I was dating this girl who i knew played ball. We went to the customary skeeball jount. I won, I ain't house her , or nothing, but I won (this should've been my cue to stop immediately I had just won there was no reason to hit the next aspect of the plan, because at that point it was null and void) So now my head is all gassed up and we head over to the basketball jount. We are at Dave & buster's and for anyone who's played the basketball jounts there, they know they are big and in the open! So I head over there making all sorts of whoop. She's just calmly and smiling (as I look back on it now, I realize it's because she's the silent assassin) and she offers to have some people watch. At this point I'm so sure of Jumpshot I'm like "fuck it more people to watch you get dogged" so we round up some viewers. The game starts and we're shootin, then out of the corner of my eye I see it. The purest jumper this side of Rip Hamilton. I think at one point she looked at me in the middle of shooting and still sank the shot. I think the final undressing was like 42-18 her (Mortal Kombat Voice "Flawless Victory" yeah it was that bad). I think I was so salty off that one I witheld sex that nite.

So yeah my good people, this week I have nothing planned. I will attempt to sit in the crib this week and not spend unnecessary money. **Puts Ted Ferguson Helmet on** I'm trynna save some dough, but it's hard out here for a pimp.

What do you have to look forward to this week?

Oh and lastly the lady and I watched Born Into Brothels that was one hell of a documentary. Homie it was dumb sad, but fantastically done. I would advise anyone to go see it, Netflix got it. You'll enjoy it, I promise. I mean shit a Promise from the Homie Dae is like ya Mamma Biscuits.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The hood is the most resilient aspect of modern Culture

Ok so last nite I was coming home from my basketball game and as I round the corner, I see about 10 County units. As I come up the hill I see about 4 City units all sitting directly in front of my apartment. Tack on the shots fired incident of the afternoon b4 and my spot is now officially hood. So my Lady decided it was time to up the walking around the property. She's walking by a spot and hears some stuff. She then calls all of her friends who drive those cars with the big flashy lights. They roll into the spot and find all sorts of shit. I'm talking big stuff. Plus it was complete with cat Feces on the floor. What could be better than that.

On the other side of things I think we should all give a large amount of love to our girl Rhonetta Johnson. I mean hell she went on American Idol and tore it down. It's just a shame that Paula and Randy didn't recognize her talent (dawg). If ya'll feel the need to check up on the real American Idol just check her out today here , see what's she's been up to and whether or not she'll be performing in your area anytime soon.

Real quick: See; you force Democracy on people, and then the people vote for someone you don't want, now what?

So yeah I heard that they are lambasting that kat James Frey who wrote "A Million Little Pieces". I find it funny that we have made this person out to be a villian for lying about something like drug abuse, how when at first we were praising him for having used so many drugs in the first place. Frankly I don't care if he lied or not, you enjoyed the book right? You found it useful right? Then why in the hell all of a sudden is it a problem? Because Oprah said that it was!

That reminds me, I really need to start writing again. I need to get on this writing and lay something down. I'm salty i'm not goin to NYC, but hey it wasn't the right time.

But seriously, how you gone be mad about something that you did?!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

That seems about right!

Yeah that looks to be about right where it should be! It's funny that we as humans tend to think that our sex is by far and away the best sex out, but why we always trynna get into positions that the animals have figured out from the jump!

So the next syrious movie your boy will see, is of course Syriana!!

OK ok, I'm now completely in a the foulest of moods because of this shit right here. I can't believe they're really gonna allow this kat to take Sandra's post. This is one of the single most blatant "fuck you"s the Republicans have done to us all. Let's replace the rock of objectivity the Supreme Court has with a kat that will attempt to reverse Roe V. Wade. This shit is amazing to me. Absolutely amazing, and all the Democrats can do is sit back and be like "well he didn't fuck up when we were questioning him" these bammas are so ridiculously afraid of Bill Frist it amazes me. If you don't agree with someone they put up there, then say it. Don't be afraid to fillibuster. The fuck has our country come to? This shit deeply saddens me, and means that all decisions that go to the Supreme that WILL have an effect on our way of life have just been handed over to those whose moral foundations do not align themselves with mine. This is not a happy time for the kid, they fuckin our Dwarves in the ass over here. They've already started to quash our civil liberties under the guise of protection and safety. This environment of Fear that the government has created is amazing to me. Under the current state of affairs fear can be the reason for any and everything even remotely questionable in the eyes of Americans. "Yeah we're listening to your phone calls, but you know we have in order to make sure that 9/11 doesn't happen again". Even Laura is on that shit, she's quick to bring up 9/11. This adminstration disgusts me and constantly pees on our governmental system be taking actions the stretch the limitations that our constitution built into our government. We created a government that would be headed by a leader, but that leader's decisions would be kept in check by the other arms of the Government. This particular government has said "fuck all that, we gone do what we wanna do" ain't shit ya'll can do about it anyway. Problem is people are so afraid that they won't do shit. We don't stand up for shit. In other places that actually value their democracy they stand in the streets until things get done we just just go and type in our anger on our blogs (intentional dig at myself for being salty, but not doin shit other than complaining) then see what's coming on TV this evening. We're entirely too comfortable in this country. Unless they lost someone in 9/11 no one remembers the feeling of that day. No one remembers the atmosphere. I remember, because for the first time in my life I wasn't viewed as a young black threat, but as an American. My point is this; take your democracy more serious people, it seems that everyone across the world that we've imparted our way of life has taken it way more seriously than we have so why can't we.

Well in other shit that I find re-damn-diculous I was over at my friendly OKP and i was put on to the new-skool coontastics. This sort of saddened me. It makes a mockery of us and our culture. I don't know I just find it wrong, then on top of that the only damn card that wasn't working was the yep you guessed it "Graduation" card. Damn shame fam, damn shame.

Aiight so I was thinking about one of my favorite movies and I decided that I could've very easily been in this movie. I look at the role and think, I already sound like this, so it wouldn't have been much of a stretch for me you know. Damn now I just need to find a fuckin agent and move to LA to look at screenplays and such. If you're wondering I was talking about the black dude.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I lie to you because I love you!!!

"I'm out here telling these other hoes the Truth!" (c) Jody. For those that don't know, Jody is one of the greatest cinematic Characters of all time. He is of course the leading character in the Classic Tour de Force Baby Boy. This movie was one of the best movies of all time. Just know that.

In other news I headed back to the aforementioned Wonderland Ballroom. Seems that the upstairs is non-smoking. So for those that don't know I absolutely abhor smoking, I think it's a disgusting habit, and I don't allow anyone I date to engage in said habit. Call me what you will but that's one of the things that allows my life to be right by me. So yeah the vibe was good, the DJ was doin his thing, and everyone was dancing happily. Good times had by all. Once again we stopped by the good Yum's and made our way to the crib.

In some real shit, The lady and I went to go see Munich this weekend. Here's how I feel about this movie. We're gonna talk about this in a Frank manner. This movie showed violence in a stark and very real and literal way. From gun shots, to bombs, to people's limbs being left on spinning Fan blades. Shit was just wild as fuck. But outside of the very bold and beautiful violence of the movie the underlying but very in your face message of "violence begets more violence" is one that is truly played out even today. To link this story to that of what the US is doin in the middle east isn't far off, and is obviously part of the point of the movie.

In this particular story there is a "you kill one of ours, We kill as many of yours as we can" mentality that sets off a cycle of violence that can never truly end. There are people who work the both sides to propegate more violence and hate between the sides. War, terrorism, and violence of this sort can be amazingly intimate (I've cultivated a great friendship with you, but now it's just you me and this death I do unto thee), yet absurdly impersonal (you rep their Smart Tech, well you gotta go too!). The overwhelming question that comes to mind is that in the end who really wins? Who comes out on top? Palestinians should have a state, country, with representation. Israel took there's, but hey it's here now, so there needs to be two countries. Until that point in time comes about, no one wins and there's only bloodshed and tears. It's like we're sitting back and watching two gangs just go back at eachother. One gang heavily funded and has the backing of society, the other gang outgunned but disturbingly vigilant in a fight that they feel is just. We all just sit back and watch and see who's gonna win. This shit is amazing to me. This battle has been goin on in an area that is roughly the size of New Jersey for a long time, with no signs of stopping. Violence won't solve their problems and it for most certain has done nothing to solve the United States Problems. Please believe that.

Well in the meantime ya'll bammas should go check out my Urrea Slang right here. I bet there's some jounts you ain't even know in there. CHICKEN!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Long Weekends and Gentrification

Or maybe the other way around, I'm not sure yet.

I know it's been a while and I've been just dying to get back on here and spill out all the fantastically crazy shit that's been running through my head back and forth right. Well I figure it's about time that i start it off with something a little bit less foolish and crazy. So here goes.

This past Friday after a thrilling basketball game where my Boston College Alums and I defeated the heavily favored and Heavily outnumbering us University of Penn in overbills. The best part was I only had like 4 points, not a great showing, but damn I'm outta shape. Ok I haven't even gotten to the serious shit yet (Be patient bitch!). So I went and met the lady out at this spot on 11th & Kenyon NW, DC. This is an area of the city I had been goin to since I was maybe 3, since my old Dentist Dr. Bishop's office was a block over. So when I pull up on Kenyon, I'm automatically blown because all I see around me is this and this and even some of this. Keep in mind the entire neighborhood use to look like this and lots of this here. So as this is all hitting me in the face I'm thinking what in the hell kind of place am I walking into. Then I get to the door, let the bouncer check the ID, as some trendy Rock comes blaring out of the spot while I approach what hits me even harder is the STENCH of smoke! It was like a damn mist of foul smelling tabacco run-off. So at this point, I'm iodized (Salt Faced) with the Angry Black man face on. Walking through the crowd to find my lady. What I see is hipsters, and scenesters that have taken over this once middle class black neighborhood. Keep in mind this is like 7 blocks up from Howard one of this country's finest HBCU's yet this neighborhood is almost entirely comprised of 20 -30 something white kids. Anyway I get in the spot, I'm blown because of the smoke and the atmosphere, but I did get a chance to say Happy Birthday to my guy Dylan(If you're me, it's pronounced Die Lan). So we sit in the downstairs area for about an hour just completely miserable from the smoke. I'm searching for an escape from the cigs, but faintly I hear the unmistakable Horns of TROY so I'm like oh shit time to head upstairs. That's when it opens up like Moses. The fans are pumping so the air is nice and fresh, and as soon as we get up there the DJ throws on some good old Digable so you know your boy is fuckin lovin it. The Maker's in hand and we set to partying. The rest is strictly just a good ass time. I'm still blown that everything West of Petworth is all white, but whatever I ain't living there so what am I gonna do.

The next morning, I was on a plane to the great state of Rhode Island. Yo some of you may sleep on Rhode Island, but honestly I have a great time out there just relaxing and being able to take life a taste slower than we do here in the DC Metro area. The Dupouy family is always welcoming and they are genuinely great people. My Lady's parents are such great parents and even better people. I seriously think these two need to go away from everything that life has given them for about a year! They are in the midst of applying for Sainthood, well that would be if they were religious. Anyway I spent the entire weekend eating and drinking. Seriously I had a healthy diet of D'angelo's Italian and likka it was quite the fun time. Outside of that completely bogus day of football that we will no longer mention until next season ok? That's what I thought you punk ninnymuggins.

Well last but certainly not least I had a great dinner of Cajun Catfish, Yellow Rice and salad. It made my life better. On top of that LOST is on this evening. I don't know if ya'll know or not but I am obsessed with this show. I am into all the conspiracy theories and everything. Who knows I might start featuring something from the show each week. Well naw that might take too much effort. Anyway it's on 2nite, and this is a picture of me and some of my people from about 2 years ago. Notice I am drunk off that Hulk!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tha Beggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo I've been out enjoying the beautiful weather that has recently come to the Washington, DC area. I walked around taking in the women who left their coats inside and decided to venture out into the almost too cold for that coat leaving shit, but yet in the sun just right type of weather. I strolled past the groups of men (of all ages) staring at anything with a vagina like it was the last sip of Kool-Aid in the pitcher (you know that last extra sugary drop) and laughin and gaggling. I stopped off at the local spot and picked up a quick two slices of pizza. Then as I sat trying to coral the sloppy greasy goodness that was this Supreme slice of pizza, I noticed homeboy stroll on up to me, real close to my right side. Almost like stepping across that line of personal space. So I shot him that look, you know that "the fuck is wrong witchu money, don't you see I'm eatin in this bitch" face. So he took a quick step back. Then decided to sort of say something that I couldn't understand and came clammering around un front of me. So now we're staring each other right in the eye. At this point I have put the pizza down. He started to get swole on me right quick. Before I go any further let me show you what the type of kat that is Beggar# 1 So he's all up on me right, so finally I was like "look kat you ain't getting nothing!!!! He looked all dejected, and a couple of his boys flown down so now it's like 4 on 1. So I'm thinking I'ma have to squab for my pizza. But some little kids spilled his chips and they took off after him.

So I sits down and start to get my eat one once again. Then this fool Beggar #2 comes running up like he wants some. At this point I'm on some straight Joe Hallenbeck Head or Gut type shit. I guess he saw I wasn't playing and Scampered on. He ain't really want it. Punk ass scallywag lookin for a nut.

In other news, Lafawnda AKA Shondrella Only got like $82.50 for Filming Nap Dyno. Damn they got her ass! But whatever she famous den a mug for having a fucked up name. She also jai fine a little bit or whatever.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My favorite thing I don't own

Here it is, this is the one thing I've been looking for and searching for and trying my fuckliest to get my hands and shoulders on. It would be the culmination of all things that I seriously attribute to my life as a fan. Here is what I want . This would make me about the happiest person out. Plus I'd be the hottest out since Danny Boy don't let real fans buy tight Jersey's anymore.

So this week the skins are headed to Seattle. I'm boosted because I think they have a very strong chance of winning this game. I think heads fail to take into account the schedule that Seattle played (not to take anything away from them, but damn) San Fran Twice, Arizona Twice, St. Louis Twice, Houston, Green Bay and the Titans. That's damn near an automatic 9 games right there!!! So if you don't get the top seed and homefield with that then you don't deserve to be there. The skins played in what has become one of if not the Toughest division in football. Ran the table the final 5 games of the season and are now heading into Seattle with a head of steam. Let's go skins!

There's no real reason for the picture, but I just was thinking about the way women look when they take a really good shit.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So yeah I had been checking around my Myspace and checked for a good # of kats who had been bloggin for a minute. So I decided I should have it. Not that my life is particularly interesting, but I mean shit, I do all sorts of fascinating things that you could never imagine. No the real reason is for the outside chance that I might become someone else's guilty pleasure. For Instance last nite I Made a strong ass White Russian, watched The Jacket jount was crazy as all hell. Plus it had one of my least favorite actresses Keira Knightly in it. All in all though the movie was pretty entertaining.

Recently I've been thinking about how I've come to where I've gotten in this life. It's been a strange and twisty road. I'm in places I never imagined being when I got out of school. If you saw me on this day January 10, 2004 I was a completely different kat all together. I was partying real tough, goin on all nite benders EVERY weekend, without fail. Me Killa Lamont, My Mellow Carl and anyone else who was willing to spill with me was down. That's where I was. Now I'm here, living with my lady. Doin it real big and real committed. I can't even describe the 180. It gives your life a completely different hue. I appreciate it too, the only problem is, I'm still making the same sort of money i was making then, so I have to step my money game up yesterday. Whatever '06 is here and it's time to keep progressing my people.