Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Whata Gwan?

Say folks, what's the good word out there? Well here's what's been up with me as of recent.

- The no likka thing is cool, I honestly think cutting back has been good for me, and it's also helped me see that I drank entirely too much for no reason. There are times to be drinking, but just watching TV with the lady while she's having wine I don't have to have a Vodka and Limeade. So this type of life for me has to continue, I think it's been great and I'm happy that alcohol isn't that important to me. I worried that it would be, but now that I see that it isn't and the grips that plague my family haven't managed to get a hold on me, it's a huge sigh of relief.

- The Departed is easily the best movie I've seen in theater in many moons. The violence, the fuckin accents, and the places brought me back to Boston. As soon as I saw Southie, and the North End, and Beacon Hill I just got taken back to 1998. It was amazing, the accents faded, and I was half watching the movie and half replaying all that I experienced during those 4 years in Boston. It's a great city, an incredibly racist city, but one that wears it's racism on it's arm. So for that fact you know where you stand and how folks feel about you. That to me is great. I must say though, the racism in this movie was astoundingly great. The words used were top notch racist and homophobic "Chinamen", "Niggers", "Queers" and "homos" anyone who's ever been to Boston knows that these words sound fantastic with a freshly strewn Southie Accent.

- Speaking of such I was thinking back to when I got to Boston and when I met all the boys at BC. The life we led up there, the fights, the late nite papers, the girls, stealing food from the Rat in plain sight, the trips to Tower at 11:15 to get there to get those new releases at 12. The first time listening to Tical 2, and Hearing "Grid Iron Rap", naked friends, Bond 24/7, Late Nite Revolution, The T, Running the T Tracks, Walks to Newton Mall knowing we ain't no money to buy anything!, Marcus, and Marcus, late nite trips to Lower, or Addies, "If you gone bone a nigga in the ass, then you gone bone a nigga in the ass", Classic!!!!!!!! I love all ya'll that helped make those memories and wish I had taken more advantage of my time with you.

- The Punkass Puppy has decided that he wants to bark at things now. This shit is not going to continue, his ass will be outside if he continues with that shit. I will be shocking the shit out of him, Bark (electronic collar) I'm not like ya'll animal bammas "Ooooh I could never hurt feefee", fuck that, he fucks up he gets the jolt. Get over it, and kiss my ass.

- I will so enjoy a Bourbon next week.