Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How SOAP would things be if we made everything literal

Now when I say this, I mean literal in the sense of my yet to be seen favorite movie ever. Snakes on a Plane. Ok for a second let's take the time to imagine what our movie world would be if we to title all of our movies like that. I think this is a pretty good indication of what things would be like **warning some of these are movie spoilers** SOAPNESS

OK on to some other stuff, I don't want a dog. Nope nothing more than just that, don't want one.

So who's up for a boys weekend out? I'll be tying one on, and cutting loose. I'll deal with whatever happens later. Now who's coming with me??

I'm tired no pictures today, so enjoy the SOAP movies and then holla at me later.

Friday, March 17, 2006

It's on the fuckin way

They just released the trailer for Mutha fuckin Snake on a Plane. Seriously I'm so boosted right now. Seriously how could I not be, this is Snakes on a place. Now I actually have some footage to go with my already mind boggling huge imagination of what could possibly come of this. I'm so hyped up, I'll have me a T-shirt and all that by the time this comes out in August. After you check the trailer think about how great it's gonna be. Look at that action, look at those Snakes, look at that plane, I mean they even threw in a captain for the plane. Dude this has just made my day. Never mind St. Patrick's day this is the shit we should be drinking to!.

Well it is St. Patrick's day and guess what, i'ma be drinkin. I can't really do it too big since I have some responsibilities later on in the evening. Let's stop and think for a minute what we're celebrating. As some of you may know St. Patrick was the Patron Saint of the Excluded. He's most well known for spreading Catholicism throughout Ireland. He used the 3 leaf clover(shamrock) as an easy way to describe the Holy Trinity. So think about that, today when you're getting boozed up!!!

Also how are your brackets doin? I've missed two so far Syracuse let me down, and Marquette other than that, I'm golden!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Polygamy= The practice of marriage to more than one spouse simultaneously.

At first most men when young believe the idea of more women being fantastic. They fantasize about all nite orgies with their 3 or 4 banging ass wives. They think about how they'll obidiently keep his household clean, and make sure that his glass of kool-aid is always full. Make sure that if he wants to play Xbox the controllers are already rolled out for him. That if he has to fart there will be one of his wives right there to fan the sulphur away from his nostrils. This is what we imagine this life of Polygamy to be. The reality is far from it. It's societal ostracism, a million fuckin kids, (They're all yours too fam, all yours!), there's the moving to Utah, there's also a lack of a life, from what I saw of it on the History channel them bammas spent damn near erry nite in Church, or town hall, or whatever it is they call it. Then we come to real reason why Polygamy is a terrible idea. For the fellas in grown up relationships you'll all feel what comes next. There's not just one woman to take care of, but instead there's 4!!! Which equals 4 times the drama, which equals 4 times the birthdays, 4 times the Anniversaries, 4 times the PMS (which will probably all come at the sametime since women have that ability to sort of coordinate their periods to around the same time as the women they're around regularly) 4 times the attention. Think about how much attention and love you have to give to your ONE lady right now. Then think about attempting to give 3 more ladies that amount of love. That shit just sounds down right scary, because you'd never be able to truly give them all what they want so some if not all will be in a state of perpetual saltiness! Yeah try sleeping comfortably knowing that all of your "wives" are not taken care of properly. No thanks playa I'll stick with my one. She's more than enough. Oh and a real quick last note, is it me or are all the women who are willing to participate in such antics utterly disturbing in the facial region? Yeah I ain't think it was just me. Them chicks be broke da fuck down!!!!

Ok so in other news, the weather went from like 84 yesterday to a nice balmy 61, and then down to 36 degrees this evening. Ain't global warming great!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

So I gave up Fried Food and Beer for Lent

Each year Ash Wednesday (For those who don't know that's why you saw a bunch of people with big black crosses on their heads yesterday) marks the time in a Catholics life where we are to begin our observance of LENT. This is a 40 day period where we're supposed to go without something that is very much dear to us in rememberance of how Jesus went without Food for 40days and 40 nights in the dessert with the devil tempting him the entire time. He did not falter so thereby we shall not falter. Along with going without whatever your favorite thing may be, you must also observe that on Fridays you are supposed to fast and you're only allowed to eat fish. None of these things sound particularly hard except when you've grown up in a society that is as indulgent as ours we make ourselves believe that it's going to be hard. Giving up fried food won't be fun, but it shouldn't kill me. I'll just have to watch out for things that we forget are fried; Chips, Tortilla chips, french fries, Mozzarella Sticks, wings from basically every restaurant around. My wings however are not off limits because I boil mine then right to the grill. Take note people, this is the real way to make wings. You'll thank me for it later. Anyway I digress, this season of Lent brings us right up to Easter, the time of year we celebrate the Lord returning from the Dead. "Hooray Magic Jesus!!!!!" He died for our sins and came back for us as well. This is the time of year where us not so good Catholics make our obligatory appearances in church.


I don't know why we do it, but we skip church all year long, but we feel like as long as we go on Easter and Christmas we're somehow absolved of all of those weeks we missed. I understand the religion and everything I just find it funny that we all pretty much ascribe to this way of thinking. "Well as long as we make it to the big ones we'll be straight" This is poor on our part, yet I still don't see myself making it to church this Sunday. Well unless I go with my mother.

Anyway so yeah this is my little bit on Religion, just know people that on Easter Sunday I will be completely fat and sweating from all the grease I'm sure to enhale, "did you two hashbrowns sir, naw I said foe!, oh did you want extra grease with that chicken, yes ma'am I did thank you kindly" You know what's pretty bogus about this move of mine, I give up beer and St. Patty's day falls right in the middle of LENT, so no green beer for me. I'll partake in the shenanigans, but really I'll just be salty i'm not drunk like everyone else.