Thursday, September 07, 2006

Turning the Corner to Manhood

After a mid-year review with my boss this morning a few things came to mind.

The most poignant of these things is that it's time to turn the corner. I'm no longer a "just out of college" kid. The stakes are high right now. I have a lady that I plan to marry (Hugo notwithstanding), a family I plan to raise, and A house I plan to own. None of these things can be accomplished by the path that I'm currently on.

It's time to take that next step. It's about more than having a plan to be the man. It's about executing the steps in the plan now. Taking the necessary jumps and leaps and everything to be where you know you have to in order to provide for those around you.

The happy hours and all are starting to fade. The real grown ass problems are starting to become less about knocking down completely but more about dealing with and keeping under control. It's time to get ya mind right and ready.

Admittedly I've enjoyed the time i've had being satisfied that others will recognize my hardwork and acknowledge me for it. Knowing that the only one who is looking out for my best interest is me. It's time to take the steps and really start the journey to being a man. Let's get grown gentleman.