Thursday, May 08, 2008


Just so you're aware the title as nothing to do with what I'll write about. I just got back from the oral surgeon's office and that was like 3 minutes. Literally, 3 minutes and I was out. They cut the stitches out, said that everything looked great patted me on the ass and sent me out. I was happy, I befriended a young 18 yo girl who was trippin about getting her wisdom teeth taken out. She was being put under and they were taking all four out, and one of them was infected already. I don't envy her, but shit at least she will be asleep for the worst of it, I remember everything about mine, so really there's no reason for me to feel for her, but damn she was really scared. Oh and she was NOT cute in the least, I was just being friendly because I could tell she was scared, but her mother was on the phone talking about eating Famous Daves. I thought that was in poor taste. Good look Jamie (The young girl).

Nextly I want to discuss this new shit of Write-ins to weddings. Most folks who read this, know that I'm getting married on June 13, 2008. So the invitations have gone out, and people have started to respond. Here's the problem, people have responded with Plus 1's. Um I wrote your name on it so you recognize that it's just you pimp, not that hoe you met last week, or that sort of girlfriend that you have, I ain't spending no real cheese on someone who don't know me and won't be in your life. Damn that. Weddings cost too much as is, and now folks just gone go ahead and write some shit in? I wish a mothafucka would show up with someone who wasn't invited to my wedding. There might be some furniture moving involved.

Getting my marriage license tomorrow. So I'll be really on the way to getting married, no turning back no bitches. It's all a GO.

We can't choose our families, but we can for damn sure choose how we interact with them.

Hillary, please just stop. It's a wrap, it's over O won. Now sit down and help unite the party. The Repubs have been sitting in the crib laughin at us while we nitpick and fight. They are coming up with strategies to keep them in office. At this point it's not what's right, it's over you lost. It's like trying to dunk on someone down by 35 with 2.35 left. Shit ain't worth the energy or the money.

The Sean Bell thing hurts my heart/head. The cops got off, that's wrong. They should've been held accountable for their actions. I hope someone gets what they want out of this.

I'm really excited to eat a sandwich, probably way more excited then i should be.

Aly's sick, so that pretty much means I'll be sick soon. Not looking forward to that at all.

DC and surrounding suburbs, thank you ladies for doing what you're doing keep it up. I for one almost crashed breaking my neck watching this lady walk. She had a mean walk fam, mean.

Basketball league starts soon. I'm out of shape, but i'm so ready for it.

Mother's day this weekend fams, get ya moms something nice and treat her well, you only get 1.