Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So the wait is over

Last nite around 1:16Am we became engaged. It was a long long wait for her, but I had to get it just right. I feel as though I did.
Last nite on what seemed to be a very average Tuesday, I left work early. I went to my fantastic Jewelers out in Burtonsville, MD Greenan & Sons. My man Billy did me real decent out there. He got me a fantastic price and he treated me like a man who was about to enter into one of the best phases of his life. Instead of like a piece of meat. Anyway I digress. I went to the store, fought through traffic, got there just as the store was closing and I go to put my card down. I honestly don't use this card much so I never even looked at it. Billy takes the card and runs it. OOOPS Card expired!!!!!!!!! So I spent 30 mins on the phone with CC company trying to figure out why the card was sent to my momma's house? Anyway oh and if you ever have to run something from a new card they can't tell you the expiration date, you have to guess. Just a little word to the wise.
So after I get the ring I make the stops, my momma, and my sister's house. Then to the stores to get the Champagne, the roses, the Ice Cream Cake.
I work all nite long setting up the apartment. I laid down rose petals from the door leading to the kitchen. I set the entire apartment up with candles, it was lit very sexily if I do say so myself.
She got off at 1am per usual and I heard the key hit the door. I knew it was going down. I heard the exclamation of "what in the?" she fumbled for a while with her stuff and the door for a while and finally realized she had to follow the roses. She came into the kitchen where I was waiting with the champagne 1 long stem rose. I said some things, gave her the stub from the first movie we saw together on our first date. Got on a knee and gave her the ring. Tears, happiness, calls to family and friends. Happiness.
So yeah that's how it went down. Oh and a sidenote, good champagne doesn't give you the headache that cheap shit does.
So yeah we'll be celebrating this evening at Lucky bar for some congrats likka, you know the bourbon is going DOWN!!!