Friday, June 01, 2007

I did it, the Purple Punisher (c) Cyd is gone

I'm hurt my people. I sold my Volvo. For those of you that know me well enough know that I really loved that car. Only problem was, it didn't love my wallet.

That bitch was tapping my pockets pretty regularly, and not even on no $75 shit, I'm talking that good $500 paper. That good wrinkly white people paper. That shit that really hurt when you put the card across the counter.

So in the attempts to save money and get ready for a house I sold it. So now we only have the Cr-V and whatever car she brings home. Barney was the only car that I actually loved. I did love her, she was the best car I ever had. So maybe when I grow up a little more and make some more paper I'll get another one. She won't be purple, but she'll be just as sexy. I'll miss you boo.

On the real I can see how people do wild ass shit to change their daily routines. I think I'ma write a serial killer book or something.

Stay tuned to setting dates and other weddingdom that I pretty much wish on everyone I know.

Drink bourbon and you'll live longer I swear it. Just believe on this one people, dont' fight it, and don't argue with me. I know this, I mean hell I'm already 27 bout to be 28. That's fantastic ain't it.

The gym starts on Monday, so let's keep it glued to the sexiness that will begin to shine through after a little working out. I imagine it'll be hard to be around me when I get sexy again. I might fuck around and walk into work with my shirt off. Watch out bitches, I'm killin em in the wife beater this time around.