Friday, October 27, 2006

1st weekend approaches

Here we come people. The 1st weekend of my not drinking will commence directly after work with the 100 black men jount. Then it's on to a Police party. That's right a party with the polices. I get to be the DD this evening, so that should be fun. Yeah no likka to numb the pain!!

Also I've had this cold, for about a week now this shit is for someone else, because I'm tired of it. I've never actually finished a box of tissues, but this week at work I did.

Ok so Halloween is here my people, it's here. What we gone do? I will start off like this though, please pick suitable costumes this year people. Like ok I'm not saying you have to look like this in order to wear this costume but young there's no reason to be turrible and try to squeeze into a costume. It's just not worth it!! Young if you rep like this then there ain't no way yo big ass can fit into one of these that shit just dont' work. It's not a good look.

Get ya'll some get right.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Been a while my people

I'm starting my 30+ days of clean living. For those that don't know this means that until Thanksgiving I won't be drinking anything alcoholic, and I won't be eating anything fried. Most people think to themselves "well Dae must've gotten really fucked up and did something stupid" nope none of those things happened.

I played a football game. I played 4 overtimes, it was a strange feeling. That at the end of the game I thought about being the best person on the field (my personal feeling obviously) but I remembered back when I was physically faster, more agile, and could do damn near anything. I decided I want to get back to that. I decided I want to drop weight, I want to be healthier and I want to see just how much my habits, of drinking with friends, and eating deep fried food have an effect on me. I want to see how I feel, how much I loose (if any). See if my body changes and recognizes that I'm trying to treat it right?

This isn't like me trying to drop weight by not doing shit, this is me trying to change the way I'm doing things in my daily life and hopefully it'll have a good effect on me. I don't need help on this, and honestly I don't want much.

I played a football game last nite. A kid ran and was on his way to a touchdown, I thought to myself, the old me (the 30 lbs lighter me) would've caught that dude. So that's all the motivation I need to keep myself right.