Sunday, June 29, 2008

Adventures of a traveling Meeting Planner

So ok kids I know I have been negligent in updating. I know a lot of you are waiting on that wedding blog. Well I'll get to that when I get home and lock down all the wedding stuff.

So in its place today we'll be talking about my trip to Indy. This was not my favorite place to be but I knew I had a job to do.

Let's start at well what other place is there to start except at the beginning. Well as I arrive at Dulles I have my headphones on, my head freshly shaven and my sprits on tepid as I'm walking through this place for a breakfast sandwich. As I'm walking back and forth I see a tall slender kat walking past me. He looks really familiar but older, then it hit me like a ton of bricks THAT'S ART MONK! So for those of you that might not know this Art is without a doubt my favorite player of all time and my boyhood Idol. I had to muster up enough gull to talk to him, this is Art Monk! I gave my little thanks blah blah blah, he seemed almost nervous but appreciative. I was basically skipping away thinking of how my life as a Redskin fan is now officially complete. So I start furiously sending out texts to anyone that will listen. As I'm talking to my pops and I'm walking back to my gate I see a family coming from the opposite direction. I see a tall guy in the back. Then I realize that it's Dan Marino. So at this I just keep walking because well I wasn't a dolphin fan dudes with his family. Well fams I take a stroll on over to the good Hudson news spot (anyone who's been to enough airports knows what I'm talking about) I'm in line buying my good cherry coke. OH Hell Naw, yes fams it was. Its Darrell Green! So I'm fumbling with my change so I can put it somewher anywher. I go up to him and speak to him blah blah blah. I could tell that at this point Darrell is tired of people coming up to him but to his credit he gave me a pound and was on his way. So ok if my life as a Redskin fan wasn't complete before it was then. Art and Darrell in the span of 12 minutes!

So after the best time in my life I head on over to the plane. Its a puddle jumper the flight was rocky but fams its a tiny jount so you should already know what it is. Well we're coming in for the landing and unbeknownst to those of us on the plane there is a stupid amount of wind out there. As we land the plane hits with the most force I've ever experienced in a plane, the jount jumps back up and then settles back down to the earth for a landing. Remeber kids anyone you can walk away from is a good one.

Welcome to Indy!

Well the day rolls along we set up the room, we get our hotel rooms and head out for eats.

At the conclusion of the evening I return to my room, but as I approach I hear what can only be music coming from inside my room. I try the key, nope no dice. There are 100 things rolling through my head of the fuck is going on. The last of these thought is, all my shit is in there where is all my shit! So I knock on the door because well afterall it's my room.some kat comes to the door with no shirt on, holding his pants with 1 hand (obviously they'd been getting it in) So instead of doing what I wanted to do I asked him politely why he and whoever else was in there were in my room. Homie then explains to me that they (the hotel) put them in this room and they came and got all my shit and are holding it somewhere. So I'm livid but it's not the homie's fault, all he's guilty of is trying to get it in.

So I was about to go downstairs but instead I go to a house phone in case they attempt to leave my room with my shit tucked underneath they arms. So I call the front desk, and they have absolutely no clue what happened yet knew exactly why I was calling. They tell me to meet them on the 14th floor and they'll bring my new keys and my bags up. Then this lady had me show her my ID just to get my bags. I was fuming by the time I got in the room.

I'm getting all my stuff ready for the next day ironing my shirt and as I'm on the phone the phone slips out and right into some water. That's right I washed my phone last nite. The exact phone that I'm posting from was washed last nite.

Luckily it's ok but I'm still gonna have to get a new jount. Well the meeting is going well and we're bored to death.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 Days

- My in-laws came in last nite, the house is starting to fill up, with LIKKA. We have all these boxes of beer, all these boxes of wine, all these boxes of hard shit. It's an amazing little thing to look at. You just come in and there's boxes of some sort of alcohol somewhere. I have all these bottles of Maker's that I will be taking a picture with pronto good folks. So be on the look out for that.

- The wheels have started turning really fast now, things are getting done, plans are being made and folks will be touching down so soon. I'm like taken aback by how quickly all of this has happened, and how soon I'll be a married guy. I love it.

- Grilling tonight, so if you're bored come through, i'm doing the Ginger lime marinade again. It's gonna be fire on the grill.

- Stimulus?

- HOT den a bitch outside people, be safe out there.

It's going down soon my folks

Monday, June 09, 2008

4 Days

So this is my last little bit of solitude and peace until after the wedding. I get married on Friday, it's Monday now.

Here are a few things I'd like to say.

#1. STOP asking me how I feel, we've been together for a long time, I'm not trippin, I'm not going to run away, I'm happy, this was my decision as well.

#2. Weddings are a good thing, families coming together, but we must always remember this is the beginning of our lives together, not the end of my life.

#3. I'm getting married!!

#4. I get to throw a party where I get to see all these important people of my life in one place at one time, I love it.

So when you see me, buy me a drink, pick up that plate of wings I'm eating and pay for it. It's all jesus, I'm about to be married.